Nautical Mass (with anti-friction Grade II)

It is an extreme pressure grease (complex calcium sulfonate) with anti-friction, for lubrication of bearings, chains, cables, winches and equipment subjected to shocks and vibrations.

Applications: EP (extreme pressure) grease for application to any mechanism working in overload, vibration, thermal shock and marine environments.

Properties: Good corrosion resistance, totally insoluble and repellent to both fresh and saltwater. The extreme adhesion and wrapping capability make this grease suitable for applications in contact with saline and oxidizing environments. The use of high-pressure additives (EP) gives this grease excellent resistance to high loads for very long periods, drastically reducing vibrations, consumption and increasing lubrication periods. Specially designed to withstand high temperatures, they guarantee operability and tightness in the event of sudden changes in temperature.




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