Radiator Leak Cap

Treatment to seal the refrigeration circuit, with more than 23 liters. It is formed by
a mixture of microscopic ceramic and copper particles. These components
are activated by the temperature and when they are on the leak. The formation of
pressure in the cooling circuit causes the ceramic particles to melt
and with the aid of copper as a temperature transmitter they form a weld in the
interior of the leak.
I did not block. Saddle permanently small leaks. It does not attack
rubbers It is compatible with all antifreeze. Acts in the first three
minutes. Resists head gasket pressure. Compatible with all metals.
Contains lubricant. Can be used as a preventive measure.
Any type of radiator made of aluminum, iron, copper, bronze and even radiators
with plastic tanks. The 200ml dose treats up to 56 liters. For circuits with more
proportionate doses.




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